Why we need to take actions against climate change now ↓
0.7 tons budget per Person to prevent the climate crisis 11 tons annual emissions in Germany per capita 4.2 tons annual emissions from a vegan who never flies or drives 0.0 tons emissions of a climate neutral human with mindful mission
Only you are responsible for your emissions - calculate your personal carbon footprint and go climate neutral
2.870 + people compensated with mindful mission 40 + companies compensated with mindful mission
Who we are Everything started as a project in school more than 6 years ago: we were driven by the idea to build products and offer services that help people reduce their carbon footprint. Now we are here: mindful mission is not just a website, it is a community solving humanity's biggest problem - climate change. With mindful mission we’ve built a holistic solution that we’re incredibly proud of. We went from just an idea to 6 people working on mindful mission to make it possible for you to track, reduce and offset your individual emissions. Together, we take care of tomorrow.
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