The mindful mission business program
The mindful mission business program enables companies to calculate, reduce and offset emissions to make their product climate neutral.
These and other companies trust mindful mission
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(Really) good to know

  1. ... people grow more knowledgeable about the climate crisis every day. Its impacts are now felt through 8 billion lives every day.

  2. ... green parties across Europe and the world are going from fringe parties to sitting in governments. People are voting for change. (1)

  3. ... Millennials and Gen Z especially are ready to pay more for sustainable and fair products (2,3,4).

  4. ... they would also change their entire lifestyles to be less carbon intensive (5,6).

What is the mindful mission business program?

The climate crisis is here. We need to drastically change the way we organize human life on this planet: from our political and technical systems, to how we organize infrastructure and produce our food. Every gram of CO2 is too much.

That is why we have come up with the mindful mission business program where you get:

  • a climate neutral product certification and a label on your product

  • a climate footprint of your product (fast-track LCA adhering to the GHG standard)

  • carbon offsets through the most rigorous offset projects available (UN-certified)

  • support on an impact and sustainability strategy

  • support on a communication strategy (marketing package)

This is how your product is certified as climate neutral
Our label is found in over 10.000 supermarkets around Europe!

How you benefit from it

The mindful mission business program lets you gain knowledge on your carbon footprint through your supply chain. Reduce and offset your product’s emissions.

Having a carbon neutral product helps you to:

  • increase sales

  • increase customer retention

  • acquire new target groups and markets

  • differentiate from your peers

  • and most importantly: mitigate the climate crisis!

“Going climate neutral was not only a logical, but also a necessary step.”

- MAKAvA (one of Austria’s biggest urban drinks)

mindful mission certified climate neutral products

How it works

We analyse your supply chain and establish a product carbon footprint according to GHG Protocol's Product Standard. After applying via this form you get an individual offer from us.

Fair pricing

To make your product climate neutral, you only pay a small fee for every produced product. We have no upfront costs. The amount you pay includes all services specified.

Of course, the fee has a wide range - depending on how carbon intense your product is - it usually ranges from less than 0.01 € to 0.08€.

Who we are

We started as a school project in 2014, we are now proud to serve more than 3.000 private customers and over 30 companies. Our B2B customers range from driving startups around the corner to international corporations like BNP Paribas and Bearing Point. The mindful mission vision is a planet, where everyone takes responsibility for their carbon footprint.



All of our climate protection projects are certified by globally recognized and independent standards. The certificates of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the CCBA standard and the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna guarantee that climate-damaging greenhouse gases are actually avoided in the respective projects and that this is checked independently.

We calculate your footprint according to the international GHG protocol that 9 out of 10 Fortune 500 companies use to report on emissions.

You can download our certified climate protection projects here.

A study by Toluna, …

… a consumer intelligence company, conclude in their recent environmental consumer report (7):

“To remain competitive, consumer packaged goods companies must ensure that they not only focus on environmentally friendly products as well as larger corporate operations but also communicate those efforts to younger, more socially responsible consumers as their purchasing power increases.”

The critique of our current economic models and their impacts on the ecological capacities of our only planet is becoming the formative narrative of our age. How we position ourselves in this transition will be judged by history, and decide the kind of world we will all live in. It’s time to make business a force for good, and go on a mission!

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These and other companies trust mindful mission
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